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  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2- & 3-pole)
  • Receptacles for: 3-pole Europe (Schuko) & 2-pole Euro
  • Output plug: USA
  • Input voltage: 100V – 125V
  • Max. load: 15A
  • Power rating: e.g. 110V – 1650W
  • Adapter does not convert voltage
  • Colour: white

Don’t leave without it!
You're travelling through the Nevada desert - just you and the solitude, your dream of years has come true at last. Somehow your dream never included the vultures circling above your head - the car ground to a halt a few hours ago and your mobile phone battery is empty. You couldn't charge it yesterday in the hotel, the plug simply didn't fit...
Well, perhaps you're just driving along the endless highway, singing to the country song on the radio as loud you can and enjoying the feeling of boundless freedom, and all you really want to do is tell the love of your life at home all about it ...

Always ready for action
You could call home whenever you wanted to if you had the travel adapter for the USA because the battery is always charged. It is ideal if you regularly travel to countries using the American mains socket standard. You can use this travel adapter to connect all your 2- and 3-pole devices with Schuko or Euro plugs when you're there. It doesn't just mean that your mobile is always fully charged, you will be able to plug in your iron, electric toothbrush and camera as well.

Can't live without USB? The Euro USB Charger is compatible with all the Country Adapters. 
Has your device got another plug standard? Check out our World- and Combo-versions.

Swiss quality
Just as all products from SKROSS, the country travel adapters are also made in familiar high Swiss quality and comply with all the relevant international safety standards in and, of course, are certified and patented.

USB Charger
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