instax WIDE 'Black Frame' Film (10 Shots)

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This pack of instax WIDE Instant Film contains 10 sheets of instant color film that is compatible for use with instax WIDE cameras and Link WIDE Printer. This film features vivid color reproduction with natural skin tones, and its refined grain structure provides high image sharpness and clarity surrounded by a stark black border.

  • For use with instax WIDE Cameras and Link WIDE Printer
  • Black-Colored Frames
  • Print size 108 x 85mm
  • Image size – 99 x 62mm
  • Vibrant Colors and Natural Skin Tones
  • Excellent Sharpness and Grain Structure

    The easy-load cartridge that slots into the instax WIDE Format cameras and Link WIDE Printer, delivers superb quality instant images in a new 'landscape' (oblong) format that's a refreshing change from the square picture shape long associated with instants.

    Based on the same instant film technology that has long benefited the work of demanding professionals, instax WIDE Format film achieves a level of image quality and colour accuracy that was hitherto thought impossible from these kinds of films - bringing brilliant instant pictures within everybody's grasp.

    Compatible with instax WIDE Cameras and Printer, allowing you to capture the wider world around you.

    Print size 108 x 85mm
    Image size – 99 x 62mm

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