FUJIFILM X Series - Grip Belt

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  • Enhances your hold on your camera
  • Camera can be also fitted with a shoulder strap simultaneously

The grip strap enhances your hold on your camera, allowing users to carry the camera firmly with just one hand. The camera can be also fitted with a shoulder strap at the same time.

Compatible products:

X-T1, X-T1 with MHG-XT / MHG-XT Large / MHG-XT Small / VG-XT1 X-E2, X-E2 with MHG-XE / HG-XE1 X-Pro1, X-Pro1 with HG-XPro1 / MHG-XPro1 X-E1, X-E1 with MHG-XE / HG-XE1 X-M1, X-M1 with HG-XM1 X-A1, X-A1 with HG-XM1 X-S1 HS50 X100 / X100S

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