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  1. FUJIFILM EF-X500 TTL Flash

    FUJIFILM EF-X500 TTL Flash


    • EF-X500 Flashgun for X series digital cameras.
    • Maximum guide no. 50 (ISO100).
    • High Speed Flash Sync.
    • Wireless multi-flash TTL.
    • Dust and weather resistant.
    • Tilt and bounce flash head.
    • Zoom head (24mm-105mm)
    • Built-in LED video light and AF assist light.
  2. FUJIFILM EF-X20 TTL Flash



    • Compact and lightweight, yet offers a strong light intensity of guide number 20.
    • With the FUJIFILM's unique flash control technology "i Flash technology", it can automatically optimize the amount of light suitable to every shooting condition.
    • Crafted from premium metal materials to compliment the design of the X-Series cameras.
    • Ergonomic design for responsive dial control.
    • Built-in wide diffuser can be selected by using lever on the side of the flash.
    • Built-in "Slave Mode" for advanced photography.
  3. Fujifilm EF-42 TTL Flash

    FUJIFILM EF-42 TTL Flash


    Powerful and versatile, FUJFILM EF-42 flashguns provides complete TTL performance. For precise lighting, the flash can be moved 90° upward, 180° to the left and 120° to the right, flexibly supporting bounce shooting and other operations.
  4. FUJIFILM EF-BP1 EF-X500 Battery Pack

    FUJIFILM EF-BP1 EF-X500 Battery Pack


    The external battery pack EF-BP1 is for use with the Fuji EF-X500 flashgun. It takes 8 AA batteries and will shorten charging time and improve the number of flashes per charge.   

  5. FUJIFILM EF-20 TTL Flash

    FUJIFILM EF-20 TTL Flash


    Combining a compact design and efficient controls, the FUJIFILM EF-20 Flashgun is the ideal for carrying in a pocket or bag and providing any additional lighting.

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